Mohican 100 Trail Run – Map and Pacing Info
Posted on: 27 Oct 2012

Updated Course Maps for 2022 coming soon: No major changes. However, based on your feedback and thanks to our new earlier date, MO is planning the following improvements for 2022.  

  1. All races will begin and end at the finish line pavilion
  2. The Mohican Marathon will begin at 8am (not noon) giving runners 4 more hours to finish by Sunday at 1pm.
  3. The Mohican State Park Aid station will be relocated to the southern most exit gate at Mohican Adventures, located adjacent to the paved bike trail along SR3 (no more out and backs to Mohican Aid Station pavilion)
  4. All courses will incorporate additional bike trail near Mohican Adventures exiting at the Opossum Trail, and into Mohican Adventures. This short section will replace the winding route through the campground. The bike trail and Opossum trail are still close enough that runners can stop at their cabin/campsite as long as they are camped at Mohican Adventures.    


2021 Course Maps and Aid Station open/close times: 

Interactive Course Maps and Training tools

95% Trail, less road. More Fun

Uniquely designed by Ultra Runner and Mohican finisher, Michael Patton, Mohican has taken steps to replace some of the, often hot, gravel roads in favor of more shaded single track trail. The current course design removes the steeply graded prolog hills from 2011, replacing them with a longer two mile run out through the Mohican State Park Class A Campground where runners first enter Mohican's award winning single track. Check out the latest maps and info below!

100 Mile Cutoff: Final cutoff for the 100 mile race is 32 hours

50 Mile and Marathon Cutoffs: There will be no cutoff time for the Mohican Marathon or the Mohican 50 mile races other than the 32 hour time limit for the Mohican 100 since Aid stations will remain open for the 100 mile race. This means that it is possible to hike the course, welcome news for slower racers. The 50 mile race begins at 6am, one hour later than the 10o mile so runners have 31 hours to finish. The Marathon begins at NOON. seven hours later than the  100 mile so runners have 25 hours to finish.   

COURSE MAP Mohican_100_Map_2021.pdf

CHARTS AND DATA: Aid Stations, Crew Access, Mileage, elevation charts, Aid Station Open/Close and more: Scroll down for 50 mile and Marathon complete charts

Mohican Data 2021.xlsx

Mohican Data in Excel Format





TRAIL SPLIT SIGN: Trail Split Sign.pdf

Rules and Information for Pacers

Pacers will be allowed for the 100 mile race only.

The designation of the Mohican Adventures Aid station (E) at 53.9 miles as the first place a pacer is permitted to join a runner is based on making it easier for runners and pacers to find each other. Located at the Start/Finish may allow pacers to assist the aid station while waiting for their particular runner. The purpose of pacing is runner safety. The average runner starts into fading light at 60-65 miles into the race. Having a pacer along can offer some assistance to runners as darkness approaches and during the night, when runners are often more fatigued. An ultra-runner may need a little guidance following the course markings during those hours. Older runners may need it sooner, attributing to the approximate 30 mile mark for 60+ runners.

NO PACING BY MOTORIZED VEHICLES is allowed at any time. Aid cannot be given from any moving vehicle. Any runner paced by a vehicle or accepting aid from a moving vehicle is subject to DISQUALIFICATION.

NO PACING BY BICYCLES is allowed at any time.

If a registered runner is 60 years old or older, pacing may start when the runner reaches the Mohican Adventures  Aid Station (E) at 28.2 miles into the race at sequence 6.

If a registered runner is less than 60 years old, pacing may not start until the Mohican Adventures Aid Station (E) at 53.9 miles into the race at sequence 11.

The pacer should drop back as the runner approaches the finish line chute.

Pacers with bibs are allowed to use aid station supplies, food, etc. at the aid stations during the time that they are pacing a runner.

Pacer Parking Restrictions:

Pacers can park at designated areas for crew access and handling locations. For pacers meeting their runner at the fire tower, please park at Mountain Bike Trailhead 2 aid station OR the Mohican Youth Center which is a bit closer to the fire tower. It is just a short walk to the fire tower. Do not leave your car unattended at the fire tower. Parking is not permitted at the covered bridge at any time. Pacers may also park at the Gorge Overlook Aid Station.

Pacers may meet their runners at either Mohican Adventures, Gorge Overlook Aid Station or at the Fire Tower Aid Station.  

Pacers MUST FIRST Check in at Mohican Adventures (finish line) to let us know:

1. What runner you will be pacing

2. Where you plan to meet your runner, Mohican Adventures (E), Gorge Overlook (A) or Fire tower (B)

3. What time you plan to leave

Unattached Pacers

In previous years some runners have wanted to pace at Mohican but did not know anyone in the race. During the race, a person wanting to pace may go to an aid station after 60 miles into the race and ask runners if they want a pacer. Many runners have been very happy to find an unexpected pacer at an aid station. A pacer unable to pace because his/her runner has dropped out may still be of service to another runner.

Runners and pacers may indicate their wish for a pacer, or desire to pace, by posting a message on the official Facebook Page of the Mohican Trail 100. You can sign up for free from the link on our homepage which will connect you with the Mohican 100 community. Besides posting information, you can request additional information, advice, or even make constructive suggestions.

 How to use the interactive map:  WE are working now to update this map for 2022

Choose any start and end point to create a custom course. The mileage and elevation are displayed at the top next to the full course stats. This custom course can be downloaded to use in your own GPS device (think training run on the course and not getting lost or confused by written instructions)
The custom course can also be posted to Facebook. For instance. If I have a running group and wanted to train on part of the race course. I could post that to Facebook. When my group clicks on the link, it brings me back to your site with the custom course displayed already. (Hopefully this can be used by registrants and by sharing with their friends bring more visitors and potential registrants to the site)
You can put the cursor over any part of the course and see the stats like elevation, distance, and grade in the info box on the left hand corner of the map. 
You can click on the follow the course to see the yellow dot move along the course and elevation profile to see how the course is run. 
In the train the race part of the tool, users can upload their own training run from strava, Garmin, etc. and compare their elevation against a chosen part of the course. For instance, if I wanted to see how my hill workout compares to the climbs in the run. I can upload my run. Select my hill. Select a climb on the race and have the two elevation profiles overlaid with the same distance and elevation scales allowing for an exact comparison. No more looking at an elevation chart that looks like Everest to find out its relatively flat or something like that.